NO Commercial Kennels! NO Concrete Runs! Just a Home-Sweet-Home!

Kennel-No-More is Dog Behaviorist, Melanie Blair's solution for family dog and puppy owners when they can't get a friend or relative to come stay at their house with their pooch and when the idea of commercial kenneling just doesn't sit well with them.

It is her non-commercial private residential boarding service, a 'Bed & Breakfast' if you will, for pampered family dogs, providing a 'just like home' environment for dogs and puppies that need somewhere stress free and fun to stay while their owners are away.

Family dogs and pups board at the private home and on the private property of Melanie Blair, Dog Behaviorist, Trainer, Canine Care Specialist & Owner of Best Friend Canine Service's, LLC.

Since 2009, Melanie has been successfully, professionally rehabilitating canine behavior problems and training and conditioning family dogs via private in home sessions and her residential board and train programs to be first-command obedient, well mannered, quiet, social and non-aggressive without using yelling, violence, treat bribes and without repeating commands over and over, louder and louder.

Throughout her former white collar careers, Melanie's favorite leisure time activity was training her dogs to be outstanding citizens and, of course, exercising with them, nurturing them, adventuring with them and playing with them. She was often called upon by friends and family when they had aggression problems or needed dog training tips. After learning about Dog Behaviorist, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) from a close friend, Melanie became extremely intrigued and very impressed with his philosophies and practices. She began implementing Cesar’s techniques into her own techniques and found the results to be so astounding that she began Best Friends Canine Services in 2009. Mel gives Cesar a lot of credit for being as successful as she has been able to be with dogs, particularly fearful and aggressive dogs. She practices Cesar's all-breed 'canine psychology', his calm, assertive ‘pack leader’ techniques and his 'power of the pack' methods diligently. Implementing Cesar's ways into her own are what she feels made her a trusted and preferred name in dog behavior problem solving and the dog training profession in general.

Dogs and puppies who board at Melanie's house get plenty of attention, exercise, structure, affection, socializing and playtime. Camping dogs who are insulin dependent, have geriatric issues, handicaps, non-contagious health conditions, special food instructions, supplements, vitamins, medicine requirements, carts, activity limits, etc., are lovingly and meticulously cared for according to their special needs.

All dogs and puppies boarding with Melanie and her balanced 4-pack of dogs eat, exercise, nap, socialize, play, lounge and sleep in a 100% residential environment; they dwell in a spacious house with a large fenced in play yard that borders a scenic tree line and farmer's field. They are furnished with their own cozy 'bunk cages' which they are closed into when they sleep overnight and when Melanie has to run an errand during the day but after they are acclimated and integrated socially into the pack their bunk cages are left open for leisurely access about the house during the rest of the day. Bunk cages are furnished with clean, cozy, folded comforters unless your pooch prefers the cool plastic cage floor as some dogs do. Cage floors are regularly cleaned with mild antibacterial soap, rinsed thoroughly and then wiped dry every other day or more often when needed. Comforters are replaced with fresh ones every 2 days or replaced immediately if they get soiled, damp, muddied or moistened. The bunk cages are set up in the main traffic areas of the home, the living and family rooms, and not in some lonely back room.

All boarding dogs are treated as though they are permanent
canine members of the household. Melanie carefully
acclimates each dog in order to ensure safe, positive, stress
free socializing and playtime will be had by all. Some dogs
take a little longer to be integrated into the pack than others,
however, Melanie spends one on one time with each camper
as they are acclimating, accurately assessing, facilitating and
accomplishing their successful integration, which is where her
skills and experience as a Dog Behaviorist & Trainer come in
very handy. Melanie also likes to take snapshots and video
clips of campers and post them periodically on her Facebook
page, so if you board your canine companion at Melanie's
house be sure to 'friend' her on Facebook so you can check
out the pics and reports. You are also welcome to call or text
to check on your Camper any time you wish! ARF! :)

To keep it stress free, cozy, enjoyable and easily manageable,
Melanie has a 6 client dogs maximum limit for boarding in her
home. She has 3 German Shepherds and a Chihuahua so add
6 Client dogs to that and it makes her full house at 10 dogs.
That's a great plus for the dogs who board because the number
is manageable enough that they each get to feel very
pampered and special . . . but the downside is, Mel books out
very fast. Therefore, interested clients are urged to and make reservations early. All dogs and puppies are required to have proof of rabies vaccine and they must be licensed. They cannot be aggressive or even mildly hostile towards other dogs or humans. Melanie has a Board & Train Program for hostile and aggressive dog rehabilitation but cannot accept them as regular boarders unless or until they are no longer hostile.

The cost is $37 per night for 1 dog; $35 per night per dog for 2 dogs; and $33 per dog per night for 3 or more dogs. Reproductively intact males and females are welcome. With our boarding limit, Clients interested in having their dogs board with us should make reservations well in advance if at all possible. Also, Melanie has an optional pick up and/or return home Bed & Breakfast Boarder Taxi Service, $10 each way for Clients up to 15 miles away from her home. Clients further than 15 miles away should add $1 per mile if wishing to use the Taxi Service.

Optional TREADMILL TRAINING for your dog during his/her Bed & Breakfast stay is also available, if desired, for the flat rate of $40.
for Pampered Pooches
Our Boarding Limit Makes Every Dog Feel Special!
(Text or Call 330-310-9681 to Check Availability)