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Humans have personal trainers, psychologists and therapists for themselves, dogs have Melanie Blair - the lucky dogs do! Melanie is the best of the best. Having Melanie here in our area is like having Cesar here! She can help you solve any problems and issues that you are having with your "fur" kids :). Her many years of experience in gentle training procedures and behavior modification help her to identify your problem quickly. Whether you have one dog or many dogs as I do, I have five rescued APBT's. My dogs got along ok or so I thought. They started to have some disagreements amongst themselves. My one dog was becoming disabled and was showing aggression which she had never done. My daughter had heard about Melanie and had her come to her house for her dogs. I promptly called. When Melanie came to my house I instantly liked her! She has a wonderful personality. I told her what was happening with my dogs. She knew immediately. I had a pack order problem. My dogs knew it but I didn't!! She told me what I needed to do. She was informative, very helpful and very kind. She did not make me feel inferior in any way because I didn't know what was going on with my dogs. We humans tend to "humanize" our dogs. I was no different. She trained me as well LOL ! I and my dogs are on our way to becoming a calm pack. We have issues to work on yet. It is a journey. I know I have Melanie there to call on to guide me through so I can guide my dogs to be the very best friends I could ever have. I highly recommend her. Call her even if you think you only have a small issue, she will help you solve it so you don't have a bigger issue in the future.
Susan L. (Canton, Ohio).
• 5/5 stars

I boot camped my dog with Melanie and her pack of three magnificently calm, gentle and balanced German Shepherds a few years ago. My little guy had bitten several people including me. One of the persons he bit reported him and so one more bite report would have had him taken away from me and euthanized. All I can say is since his board & train with Melanie, he is no longer afraid or aggressive and he hasn’t bitten or threatened anyone. He quit peeing all over the house too and actually listened when I gave him commands. She did it in one week – ONE WEEK!!! No long drawn out repeat visits ($) or sessions after sessions ($) like many so-called trainers try to convince you is needed. She worked with me extensively for a few hours or so when she returned him home so I would know how to keep him the way she made him, lol, then she let me know she would always be available (free) for any quick questions or concerns via text, phone call or email. I couldn’t have asked for more. Now my little stinker sometimes stays overnight with her when I have to go out of town. She actually does that for dogs that once boot camped with her on a limited basis as long as her household does not exceed 3 canine visitors at any given time. So sometimes she has had to say no to boarding him. ? Therefore, I always try to plan my trips out of town WAY ahead of time because I want my little guy staying with Melanie! He always loves to stay with her and her pack!
Jessica B. (Medina, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

Melanie and Rocky (German Shepherd) were amazing! My pittie was attacked by another dog and she was really struggling with any kind of dog interaction. Within one session Sadie was calm and obedient and relaxed with Rocky. Mel gave me the tools to help show Sadie that I'm the leader and there's no reason to be so anxious. Our walks together are enjoyable again!!
Emily P. (Canton, Ohio).
• 5/5 stars

Melanie boot camped my two little dogs who had many multiple different behavior issues. After 10 days of training we are still amazed at the improvement in their / our behavior. People stop me constantly remarking about how well behaved they have become. Our friends cannot believe the difference. We have to stick to our training but very impressed. Highly recommend her services.
Connie P. (Canton, Ohio).
• 5/5 stars

Working with Melanie is such a fantastic experience..I could tell right away things were going to a positive experience for me and Desiel....She has taught me to understand him and how to correct him in a positive way.... . Thank you Melanie!!!
Patty C. (Springfield Township, Ohio).
• 5/5 stars

Melanie Blair with Best Friends Canine Services has been watching my babies for about 3 years now. At first she came 3 days a week and walked and played with my 4 Chihuahua's and then as time went on I increased it to 5 days a week. I have also had her come and take care of my dogs when I have had to go out of town. She came 4 times a day for several days.
When I found Melanie I was just looking for someone to walk my dogs, and whom was not going to be
intimidated by my Blanca. Blanca is aggressive to people she does not know and so I was turned down
by other walkers. The first day Melanie said "I will wear my knee high boots she won't bother me". So she
came in showed me what to do, and then we took Blanca for a walk. Melanie was gentle but firm and very
patient and within a few visits Blanca and Melanie were/are best friends.
Everyday when Melanie comes to play with my dogs she leaves a note telling me what they did that day
and how my dogs were doing. When I went on vacation Melanie took pictures of my dogs and sent them
to me to show how well they are being taken care of and that they are all fine. Melanie stayed with me thru
the entire process when my oldest Cholo passed away last August. Her love of animals is truly genuine and
comes thru in everything she does.
Currently I am going thru another rough time with my sweet Pedro and Melanie took him to the vet when
I was at work. She even brought over special foods Sunday morning when I was having issues getting him
to eat. I honestly do not know what I would do without her love of my dogs and her support of me.
I am honored to call her my friend now, and would recommend that if you have dogs and you need help, whether it be some simple training tips for a new (or old) pup, walking services, in home vacation dog sitting, or just extra TLC while you are at work, you will not find a better person for the job.
Jenni R. (North Canton, Ohio).
• 5/5 stars

We had a puppy that was very difficult to control. After a week of training with Melanie he has become the perfect pet. She really turned him around. I would highly recommend her services.
Ted S. (Jackson Township, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

Melanie started working with us about 4 years ago when we adopted an abused dog...our sweet "Jake". She helped with how to train him for the invisible fence we installed. We so admired the way she had an easygoing yet very commanding way with Jake. As the years have gone on, she has made herself available to us as various problems have arisen. She has always had the solution and is happy to spend extra time to make sure we understand what is expected of us...as the pack leader. She teaches us by example and shows us what is possible to expect as far as behaviors we may be having problems with.
More recently we brought "Piper" into our family. She is a purebred Llewellyn Setter. We called upon Melanie's "boot camp" service to help with an out of control puppy (I was at wits end!!) She took him to her home and to her pack of beautiful German Shepherds . Piper came home after a full week, a changed little puppy!! Melanie brought her in and spent over an hour with us, so we could sort of shadow her as she took Piper through her paces of what she had learned. The whole experience was invaluable to us! She also trained Piper during that week to run on a treadmill!! Since then...Piper LOVES running twice a day on it!! Melanie knew that getting all of that "puppy energy" spent exercising would keep her out of much trouble and it has!!
One meeting with Melanie and you feel her enthusiasm for her profession, she loves what she does and I would say that she is a master at it!! She truly loves your dog as she works with him or her and I would trust her expertise and caring with any dog I may ever own. She is professional, on time...and definitely willing to go the extra mile with you and for you.
In conclusion: I highly recommend Melanie as someone who knows what she is doing when it comes to dog training. You will enjoy her wonderful spirit and enthusiasm as she takes on any challenge you may face with your dog!
Janis E. (Canton, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

Melanie was a consummate professional: highly skilled; intelligent; organized;
absolutely reliable and trustworthy; genuinely nice. She provided service and care
that was second to none. I feel fortunate to have worked with her for 3.5 years and
now to know her as a friend.
Lynn D. (Fairlawn, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

I was having issues walking my dog on the walking path and in public places as he wanted to pull ahead and basically be in charge. One session with Melanie took care of this. I phoned about 4 different trainers and spoke with them before choosing Melanie. Just her manner and tone of speaking made my decision. She was ready and willing to meet me at the walking path where I was having the issue. She observed me for just a few moments and then quietly took the leash and calmly and assertively took gentle charge of Chester. No harshness or yelling just calm energy and then she instructed me as I was also a huge part of the issue. I could not believe the difference in an hour. I thought maybe we would need another session but she said that if I had any questions I could email or phone her and she would help and then if I felt I wanted to meet again she would be happy too. She emailed me a list of guidelines for keeping a well behaved dog which I still refer to from time to time. We did met one additional time for a jumping issue and again Melanie's calm, kind, quiet but no nonsense demeanor brings out the best in your dog. She is a truly exceptional individual and an awesome dog behaviorist. She is second to none.
Cheryl W. (Canton, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

I found Melanie a few years ago after having moved back to the area. She took care of my two dogs, and small parrot when I had to travel for work. I had her scheduled for a few visits during the day to come to my house to walk and feed the dogs and to feed the bird. She did an excellent job, and all three of my boys just adored her. While I still felt guilty for having to leave my babies when I was out of town, I did not worry about the care they were receiving because I knew they were getting the best. Plus, she called me on a regular basis to let me know that all was well. And when I would come home, I would also find a quick little summary about how things went with specific examples. I can say with certainty that Melanie went above and beyond in taking care of my little guys. I can think of nothing that would have improved her service, unless I could have persuaded her to just stay at my home while I was gone. I trusted her completely and knew she would give all her love and attention to my guys while I was gone. She is a great person and the best when it comes to your animals.
Lori K. (Hartville, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

Melanie is very professional . My dog no longer darts out of house or car until I tell him to! He is so obedient now, couldn't be happier. Can't wait for a session to control barking.
Janice M. (Canton, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

Melanie and her expertise has been fabulous. We have an aggressive dog and teaching US how to handle her has been a godsend. She was our "last resort" before euthanizing our dog (only 2 years old at the time). Two years later she is still part of our family. Melanie is personable, accountable, reliable and most important of all really there for the animal. I have recommended her many times and always with positive results. She will be a resource for our family pets as long as we have dogs. Highly recommend without reservation!!
Sheila S. (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

This is our Doberman, Diesel. Melanie Blair has worked with him and is our Dog Whisperer and friend! Diesel was very afraid of our RV, inside and outside. He would not walk around it if it was running.
He did not want any part of getting in it either. Melanie
worked with him and transformed him into what you
see in this picture. This was done in ONE session!
He now acts as though he has been travelling all of
his life. This picture was taken in the midst of a 12
hour trip! Melanie has such a special gift!
I highly recommend her!

Our Diesel again, Melanie
transformed our boy! He
went from travelling in the
RV shaking and panting in
fear to what you see here!
Thank you, Melanie! We

appreciate you and so
does your "Puddin' Pop"!
Darla M. (City of Green, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

Melanie saved our dog from having to be euthanized, pure and simple. He started out wonderful when we first rescued him but he began growling then snapping at us when we tried to get him to do things he decided he didn't want to do, i.e., get a bath, get down from kitchen counters, get off the couch when someone else wanted to sit on it, get his nails trimmed, stand back while we put his food on the floor, etc., then he stepped it up to biting but without breaking skin... but then he raised the bar to breaking our skin. So he was training us. Who wants to get bit? We were being bitten no less than twice a week. We couldn't live like that anymore. We knew if he stepped it up again one of us could wind up in the ER or the morgue, all kidding aside. At 160 pounds, he is a very formidable dog. Yet he could be SO loving and sweet when everything was going his way! We took him to a reputable state of the art animal clinic to rule out tumors or anything impeding his ability to reason. They gave him a clean bill of health. We called upon a trainer that was supposed to be the best around only to have him do fairly well when the trainer was present but after he left he actually seemed to be worse, in fact, I was bitten so badly that I had to receive 7 stitches. We decided we had to euthanize him, we had tried EVERYTHING and we just couldn't re-home a dangerous dog. Then someone told us about Melanie, told us she had successfully rehabilitated other aggressively behaving dogs and that Cesar Millan was her professional idol. We HAD to try. But it was our last ditch attempt before scheduling him to be humanely put down. After he went to Melanie's board & train program for aggression rehab at her home with her wonderful pack of role model dogs, our boy came home a completely different dog. But she warned us if we didn't follow her homecoming guidelines to the letter that he would revert to his old ways. So, we stuck to her rules to the last letter! ALOT of rules, lol, but nothing harsh or mean, no yelling at him, no shock collars, none of that baloney, so why not? We were, and still are, thrilled! As I write this, it has been almost 3 years since he trained at Melanie's and not a single bite, snap nor even a growl at us. He's such a happy, fun, good boy, so content. He LOVES his treadmill, he gets on it and waits for us to come turn it on, no tether, gets on and off when he pleases. He's on it 2-3 times a day about 4 hours every day. Amazing. THANK you, Melanie, for saving our boy, and us, from having to do something that would have haunted us for the rest of our lives.
Amanda K. & Family (Streetsboro, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars

I took my dog to (Pet Store Name Removed) for group dog training classes. She did great in class but then would do horrible at home. I called a supposedly fantastic dog trainer, voted number one by (Contest Name Removed) whose home session price was lower than Melanie's, or so I thought, until I got roped into 4 home sessions. I gotta say, my girl behaved outstanding for him but then would slide back into her normal brat self within 24 hours of his leaving. After the 4th session with Mr. Voted Number One I said "no" to a 5th session. Melanie's 'higher' price had been left behind in the dirt 2 sessions back. Her web site had said one session would be all I would need. Really? I had a hard time believing that. But Mr. Voted Number One hadn't helped me and I really needed help for my dog's horrible behavior and bad manners! So I called Melanie. One home session and her written guidelines later 'I' was teaching my girl! 'I' was getting the outstanding behaviors from her! 'I' was keeping her from backsliding! 'I' was the dog trainer! I am STILL tickled pink! My girl is so well behaved, obedient and mannerly that I still get teary eyed when I think of the difference. When Melanie says one home session is all it takes, it's true. That's because she trains YOU to train your dog, and it really does work!
Stacy M. (Parma, Ohio)
• 5/5 stars
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