Our Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Canine Care Specialist
Melanie K. Blair, Owner
Dog Behavior Specialist, Dog Trainer & Canine Care Specialist
Melanie (Mel) K. Blair, originally from Akron, Ohio, has possessed an ardent love for all animals for as long as she can remember and dogs pretty much hold the biggest portion of that in her heart, with horses running a close 2nd place. And, like most dogs, Mel is not fond of anything that impedes her from relishing the outdoors. Indoor confinement and outdoor areas where restrictions are in place are not her bag. She’s always been fond of open country and prefers hiking, interacting with wildlife, horseback riding, fishing, working outdoors and anything that gets fresh air in her lungs over sitting on a sofa watching television, going shopping or playing indoor games. As a child, she and her best friend, Sal, spent many hours adventuring on their bikes, hunting for toads, frogs, snakes, and (sometimes) hunting an occasional “snipe” that Sal’s Dad would send them looking for, with a grin on his face, he would watch them bent over in the field, banging paper bags with sticks, yelling, “Here, Snipe! Here Snipe! Here Snipe!” just as he instructed them to do… but they never caught one... hmmmmmm, I wonder why?

As a child, Melanie never met a dog she didn’t immediately feel compelled to greet, and she was bitten 4 times for that but she never let it deter her nor did she hold it against the dog personally. In fact, 3 of those bites came from the same dog, yet she instinctively knew it wasn’t the dog’s fault but lack of proper leadership from his owners. So, through trial and error, she learned to begin feeling into a dog’s projected energies as she made her approach, adjusting her attitude and posturing according to the dog’s attitude and posturing. It worked and, to this day, it continues to work.

Anyone who knew Mel in her childhood knew she was not shy about taking the initiative when it came to ideas for play, fun & adventure. Yet, as decisively willed as she was, they’ll also tell you she took into consideration the likes and dislikes of whomever she was with before tossing out a game plan and promptly leading it off. She was assertive and fearless about a good many things but she was fervently loyal, protective, compassionate and considerate, and nothing aroused her zeal as instantaneously as witnessing any form of bullying or cruelty being dealt to another, especially if it was being dealt to a member of her own “pack”. She was helpless, in fact, against intervening; it was merely a reflex of incensed resolve to stop it without regard to what personal harm may befall her in doing so. In short, had Melanie been born a wolf, she’d’ve been the alpha female of her pack.

With the exception of two years lived in Virginia and two years in Florida, Melanie is a lifelong resident of Ohio. She currently resides in Uniontown, Ohio.

Regardless of inheriting her mother's natural born artistic talent, Mel’s professional career has consisted primarily of finance, management & executive director positions, for-profit and non-profit. She launched her own network of services in 2002; Pristine Clean, LLC, providing residential cleaning services, Orcaspirit Visionary Consulting, LLC, offering diverse virtual marketing strategies, website construction, contract review and development & various financial and tax services, and Orcaspirit Visionary Art, offering artwork renderings of various sorts, graphic/commercial/logo art, hand-rendered portrait art (humans & pets), wildlife, landscapes & more.

. . . But throughout it all there was her love for working with dogs, training dogs and taming aggression, fixations, phobias and other behavior problems in dogs . . . her dogs, the dogs of family members, the dogs of friends and the dogs of friends of friends. Not only did Mel relish in caring for, playing with and training her own dogs, but she was accustomed to being called upon regularly by relatives and friends to answer, or recommend good sources for answering, all kinds of canine related inquiries and for advice and help with dog behavior issues, dog training and dog nutrition and care. So she finally made the decision in 2009 to turn her lifelong hobby of caring for, training and taming man's best friend into her profession and it has been 'true love always' ever since. She laughs and says, "I've heard the old saying so many times, 'if you do what you love for a living you never have to work a day in your life'. Good saying and I get it, but it's still 'work', just WAY more enjoyable work!"

One thing for certain, if
you decide to entrust
your treasured canine
companion(s) in Mel’s
care or you call on her
obedience & good
manners training or
behavior problem help,
you will be calling on
someone who was born
to love, appreciate,
understand, guide,
calm & protect your
dogs as passionately
as you would.
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"Pssst ! A Note FROM ROCKY". . .
"Okay, Melanie is my owner and I love her but don't let her take all the credit. My mom, sister, Chico and I happen to keep up with all the latest on how to be the best canine mentors and examples to help the dogs she works with too! . . .Just sayin'."
"The only bad thing about dogs is their short lifespans." (M.K.Blair)
Nayla does her 'mean face' on command so Mel can use it to make signs for the company, lol!