I don't know about you but the idea of my incredible canine companions, my beloved dogs,
boarding in a commercial kennel, well, I don't fancy it at all. So if the idea of a commercial kennel for your pampered canine kiddo just doesn’t sit well with you and you can't get (or
trust) someone to come stay at your house with your best friend, check into our residential dog
& puppy boarding service. “Kennel-No-More”provides a ‘just like home’ residential
environment for non-hostile dogs and puppies that need somewhere home-like to stay while their owners are away. Your dog or pup can board at the private home and residence of Melanie Blair, Owner of Best Friend Canine Service’s, and reputable Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Canine Care Specialist. KENNEL-NO-MORE BED & BREAKFAST RESIDENTIAL DOG BOARDING is a regular overnight boarding service for non-hostile dogs and puppies. Dogs and puppies board in the private home and on the private property of Dog Behaviorist, Melanie Blair. Canine lodgers who board at Melanie's house get plenty of one on one attention, routine exercise, affection, socializing and playtime. Melanie welcomes and cares for dogs of all ages, breeds and also for dogs with special needs. She is knowledgeable and experienced at lovingly and meticulously caring for dogs who have geriatric issues, dogs who use carts, dogs who use wraps and diapers, dogs who are insulin dependent, have non-contagious health conditions, special food instructions, supplements, vitamins, medicine requirements and activity limits. All dogs and puppies boarding with Melanie and her balanced 4-pack of dogs eat, exercise, nap, socialize, lounge and sleep in a 100% residential environment; in a spacious home with a large fenced in play yard that borders a scenic tree line and farmer’s field. Campers are furnished with their own cozy 'bunk cage’ set up in the main traffic area of the home and NOT in some lonely back room. Once a new boarder is acclimated and integrated with the other dogs their cages are left open to free roam throughout the house and they are only closed into them when Melanie runs an errand and at bedtime. Clients who prefer their dog not be socialized with other dogs or only be socialized with small dogs, etc., no worries, they will still get Melanie's one on one time and attention. ALL dogs are treated like permanent members of the household. Bunk cages are kept clean, sanitary and are furnished with cozy comforters unless your pooch prefers the cool plastic cage floor as some dogs do. Cage floors are regularly washed with mild hypoallergenic antibacterial soap, rinsed with water and wiped dry every other day or more often when needed. Comforters are changed every 2 days or replaced immediately if they get soiled, damp, muddied or moistened. Excessive barkers are redirected via more exercise and playtime. If your pooch typically loses his or her appetite due to feeling a little blue on the first day or two of being away from you, we mix in human grade, drained, canned salmon or baked, deboned, deskinned chicken meat (you can check which one or both if you'd like) with their food, at no additional cost, which has, to date, always remedied the problem! Melanie also likes to take snapshots and video clips of campers and post them on her Facebook page, so if you board your fur baby with Melanie be sure to friend her on Facebook so you can check them out. You are also encouraged to call or text to check on your canine companions any time you wish! WOOF!

Melanie has 4 dogs of her own, therefore, to keep it stress free, cozy, enjoyable and easily manageable, there is a 6 client dog boarding limit, which means 10 dogs maximum in her home. Interested clients are urged to inquire and make reservations early. All boarding dogs and puppies are required to have their licenses & rabies vaccines. Non-hostile reproductively intact males and females are also welcome. ARF! :)
"KENNEL-NO-MORE" Bed & Breakfast Overnight Boarding for Non-Hostile, Pampered Dogs & Puppies:
DOG BEHAVIOR PROBLEM HELP (Dog Whispering Services), LEASH TRAINING, FIRST-COMMAND OBEDIENCE TRAINING, RELIABLE GOOD MANNERS TRAINING, Basic Puppy Training, Treadmill Training and Specialized Training for Dogs & Puppies:
Hi, I'm Melanie Blair, Owner of Best Friends Canine Services, LLC, Dog Behaviorist, Dog Trainer and Canine Care Specialist. Sounds impressive but all those 'titles' mean diddly squat, not a thing, if the services I provide fall short of what you expect. With all of the listed dog behaviorists and trainers out there, how do you know who to hire? Well, if the situation were reversed, I would find out who would be willing to furnish me with VERIFIABLE client reviews and references and who would also be willing to demonstrate to me their ability to help my dog during a free phone discussion or in home consultation before I make my decision. I stand ready to meet both of those criteria.

Best Friends Canine Services, LLC, of Uniontown, Ohio

Serving Family Dogs, Puppies, Special Needs Dogs, Geriatric/Senior Dogs & Puppies of All Dog Breeds, Ages & Sizes in Ohio, Uniontown, The City of Green, Hartville, North Canton, Jackson Township, Belden Village, Lake, Streetsboro, Aurora, Medina, Stow, Kent, Hudson, Fairlawn, Bath Township, Portage Lakes, Coventry, Doylestown, Parma, Cleveland, Columbus and more!

Dog & Puppy First-Command Obedience & Good Manners Training, Dog Behavior Problem Help, Treadmill Training and "KENNEL-NO-MORE" Bed & Breakfast Home Overnight Boarding Service for Non-Hostile, Pampered Dogs & Puppies
In ONE Private Home Session, we teach 'you' how to get trust and respect as a leader from your dog or puppy; We teach 'you' how to get reliable good manners and 'first-command' obedience without yelling, without violence, without shock collars, without treat bribes, and without repeating your commands over and over or raising your voice higher and higher. We demonstrate how to condition your dog to no longer jump on you or your guests, to stop counter surfing and stealing food, to stop being annoyingly bossy and demanding, i.e., incessant barking; to stop destroying property and the list goes on. We treadmill train your dog so he or she can have a fantastic exercise program, again all in ONE home session. We don't believe in stringing you along with $e$$ion after $e$$ion, we give you all you need in one session. No need to take notes either; we leave you with extensive, written guidelines to follow and FREE UNLIMITED phone, text and email support afterwards if you run into any problems or have any questions. Whatever your dog's training needs, including eliminating any fear they may have about thunder, fireworks, sirens, etc., we teach you how to accomplish them until you no longer need help and your dog is one you can brage about to family and friends! ARF!
General leash training, first-command obedience, reliable good manners and rehabilitating unwanted hostility and other behavior problems in dogs is not as complex as it may seem. But if a Dog Behaviorist or Trainer that is successful at getting good manners and obedience from your dog isn't just as successful at teaching YOU how to get them then they aren't the right choice. You shouldn't have to have a Dog Trainer come back over and over ($kaching-kaching$) and you won't have to if their goal is to show YOU how to do what THEY do. If your dog has unwanted or disturbing behavior issues (obsessive compulsive behaviors, fixations, excessive fear or anxiety issues, aggression or threatening behavior issues, destructiveness, and the list goes on) and your vet has ruled out any potential physical causes, please do not hesitate to call me. I offer my Dog Whispering / Dog Behavior Problem Help Services and/or First Command Obedience & Reliable Good Manners Training via a Private In-Home Session or via a Board & Train Program for those who wish me to do the legwork for them. I offer a 1/2 hour FREE consultation so you can decide if I'm the right choice before a penny comes out of your pocket. Over the phone for clients over 15 miles from me and in person for clients 15 miles or less away. If you're not fully convinced I'm the right fit for helping your dog by the end of your 1/2 hour free consult, there's no obligation, no charge & no hard feelings. It's that simple! ARF!
Providing Verifiable References & Outstanding Services to Canines and Their Families Since 2009
BOARD & TRAIN PROGRAM 1 - Leash Training, First Command Obedience (on and off leash), Reliable Good Manners, Treadmill Training, Behavior Issue Rehab & More for Non-Aggressive Dogs & Puppies
Duration 14 Days (Single Dog*) - Price $980 (Per Dog)

BOARD & TRAIN PROGRAM 2 - For Dogs WITH CHRONIC AGGRESSION ISSUES TOWARDS OTHER DOGS or HUMANS - Aggression Rehabilitation, Leash Training, First Command Obedience (on and off leash), Reliable Good Manners, Treadmill Training & More Duration 21 Days (Single Dog*) - Price $1,800 (Per Dog)
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Program 1
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Program 2
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Melanie's '4-Pack' of Canines, Christmas 2015. Left to right: Retired Search & Rescue Dog, "Nayla", Canine Camp Counselor, "Chico", Handicap Assistance Dog "Rocky" & Emotional Support Therapy Dog, "Cookie".
dogbehaviorproblemhelp002024.jpg dogbehaviorproblemhelp002023.jpg dogbehaviorproblemhelp002022.jpg dogbehaviorproblemhelp002021.jpg dogbehaviorproblemhelp002020.jpg dogbehaviorproblemhelp002019.jpg dogbehaviorproblemhelp002018.jpg
* Please Note: Clients more than 15 miles away from Uniontown, Ohio should add $1.00 per mile in excess of 15 miles away as a trip fee for our travel if you utilize our Private Client-Home Training Session or our Kennel-No-More Taxi Service.

Our FREE 1/2 HOUR CONSULTATION (by phone if you are more than 15 miles from Uniontown, Ohio or in your home if you are less than 15 miles away) is available to all of our new clients before committing to any of our training services. We want you to evaluate us and decide if we are the best fit for helping you and your dog before a single penny comes out of your pocket for training. If you are not fully convinced by the end of the half-hour free consult then there is NO CHARGE and NO HARD FEELINGS. It's that simple. :)
Pricing for KENNEL-NO-MORE Bed & Breakfast Dog & Puppy Boarding at the Home and Private Residence of Behaviorist, Melanie Blair - $37 per night for 1 dog;
KENNEL-NO-MORE Bed & Breakfast Dog & Puppy
Taxi Service (Optional) - $10 Pick Up; $10 Return Home (Add $1 per mile for addresses more than 15 miles from Uniontown, Ohio)
Kennel-No-More canine lodgers board in Melanie's private home. There is, therefore, a 6 client dog maximum vacancy! ARF! Please be sure to make your reservations early! Call or Text 330-310-9681
Taxi Service
$35 per night per dog for 2 dogs
$33 per night per dog for 3 or more dogs
* Plus Mileage,
if Applicable
Duration 14 Days
Duration 21 Days